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103 Soborna Str., Sophiyivska Borshchahivka, Kyiv region +380 44 331-26-26


We will answer any of your questions, as well as readily accommodate all your requests and wishes.

The purchase of your own apartment is a very serious and important decision that can have life-changing consequences. Usually, potential owners are very scrupulous about the apartment choice, and at different stages of their search, many questions arise.

  • Why is the price so low?

    – The pricing policy is based on several factors. First of all, the houses are built using cast-frame technology with aerocrete blocks, which are much cheaper than brick and has a number of undisputable advantages: it is lighter and warmer than brick or foam concrete, significantly speeds up the construction process and, moreover, it is an environmentally friendly material because it consists of natural materials. Secondly, the low price is possible due to the small size of apartments, as well as the application of modern technologies of construction, minimizing the costs of technical and human resources. For example, the strip foundation technology, which is much cheaper than monolithic slab foundation.

  • How can a house exist without a foundation?

    – No house can exist without a foundation. When constructing the houses, we use strip foundation, i.e. a closed loop of the concrete beams set under all load-bearing walls of the building and transmitting the load from the building to the ground. The strip foundation makes it possible to construct on its base different types of buildings, using a much smaller amount of building materials and conducting much less excavation compared to the slab monolithic reinforced concrete foundation (and, ultimately, significantly reduces the cost of the entire basement), which makes the strip foundation the most popular type of foundation in low-rise construction.

  • What materials are used for construction?

    – "Evropeyka" is constructed using only proven reliable European materials. The houses are based on strip reinforced concrete foundation, the first foundation slab is monolithic, and the remaining slabs are precast panels. The houses have cast-frame walls of aerocrete blocks.

  • Where will "Evropeyka" be located?

    – In the village of Sofiyivska Borshchahivka — an actively developing suburb of Kyiv in Zhytomyr direction. Due to the convenient location of "Evropeyka", it will take you just a 7-minute drive to get to the ring road, which is actually the entrance to Kyiv. "Evropeyka" is located in quiet, picturesque, green surroundings, away from the hustle and bustle, combining all the benefits of country living while situated just a few kilometres away from the capital.

  • What is the infrastructure of "Evropeyka"?

    – "Evropeyka" can rightly be called a mini-town with all the necessary infrastructure facilities. The developer intends to construct two kindergartens, a school, a shopping and entertainment centre, and a supermarket; in addition, there will be opened bank branches, pharmacies, cafes, a fitness centre, a beauty salon, grocery supermarkets, a medical centre and a centre of child development. Besides, "Evropeyka" will provide a number of facilities for admirers of active leisure: numerous playgrounds and sports grounds, a stadium, jogging and walking paths, landscaped areas with recreational spots, etc.

  • Who is the developer of "Evropeyka"? / What has already been built?

    Building Development Holding is a construction and real estate development holding company with headquarters in Switzerland, integrating more than 10 Ukrainian companies. Since 2010, our staff has been implementing ambitious construction projects in Ukraine. Currently, the developer’s portfolio includes five residential complexes in the leafy suburbs of Kyiv: "Lvivskyi", "Prague Quarter", "Amethyst", "Echo Park" and "Evropeyka". All in all, more than 40 apartment buildings have been built in 5 years.

  • Are all permits available approvals and where can they be seen?

    – All necessary permits have been obtained. They are available upon request in the Sales Department.

  • How many houses will be built?

    – It is planned to build more than 200 house segments with more than 13 thousand apartments, as well as a number of infrastructure objects.

  • How many apartments will there be on one floor?

    – The first-order houses (6 four-story buildings) will accommodate 10 apartments on each floor.

  • What kind of layout is offered?

    – We offer a variety of 1-, 2- and 3-room apartments ranging from 20 to 61 square meters. The detailed layout schemes are available on the website and in the Sales Department.

  • What kind of traffic junction will be in place?

    – Convenient traffic junction conducting to the ring road (7-minute drive), additionally we intend to launch an public bus service from the complex to the nearest subway station. Besides, it is planned to arrange a drive in the direction of Vyshneve (through Kyivska street) and to the circular road in the direction of the Odessa highway.

  • Is there a parking lot?

    – There are a sufficient number of parking spots on the land perimeter basis (around the residential areas). For security reasons, the yard area will be closed.

  • Will there be schools / kindergartens nearby / built?

    – On the territory of the complex, two kindergartens and a school are to be built.

  • What are the terms of delivery / operational commissioning of the houses?

    – The first six houses will be completed and commissioned in the 3rd quarter of this year.

  • Why are houses built so quickly?

    – There is a number of objective reasons behind the high rates of construction. First and foremost, it is the technological aspect — low-rise buildings (4-6 floors), strip foundation, and the use of aerated concrete instead of brick. Secondly, most of the work is done without outsourcing by companies belonging to a single construction and real estate development holding company under the well-established scheme. Thirdly, the construction is carried out without the involvement of external investments, with the maximum use of technical and human resources (relay work schedule).

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