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103 Soborna Str., Sophiyivska Borshchahivka, Kyiv region +380 44 331-26-26

Housing program
"Evropeyka" —

is a quick, inexpensive, but reliable construction of your yearned-for home.

The main objective of this program is to upgrade the city housing stock and provide the general public with high-quality and affordable housing as part of the pro-European course of our country. Besides, "Evropeyka" provides for the creation of entire residential areas in various regions of Ukraine based on the "town within a city" format with all necessary infrastructure facilities.


The program makes it possible to make housing in different regions of our country affordable due to the use of up-to-date building materials, reduced square footage of apartments, as well as the application of new construction technologies that significantly minimize the costs of technical resources and human labour. Therefore, housing program "Evropeyka" can make your dream of an own apartment come true, because it offers affordable apartments, even in the metropolitan area.


Housing program "Evropeyka" was developed and is being implemented by construction and real estate development holding company Building Development Holding. Experts of the holding have been building residential housing in Ukraine for 5 years already. During this time, they have collected a compelling construction portfolio, which confirms their serious approach to work. Thus, you can confidently take advantage of all the benefits "Evropeyka" has to offer and invest into your own square meters.

Construction rate

Another specific feature of housing program "Evropeyka" is the high rate of construction.This was made possible thanks to the well-organized construction cycle; theconstruction is carried out without the involvement of external investments, with the maximum use of the technical and professional resources.


Housing program "Evropeyka" took off with the construction in the village of Sofiyivska Borshchahivka near Kyiv, because here it is best to spend time with family and friends surrounded by nature, comfort and relaxation. It is a picturesque area with fresh air and greenery, which makes it is easy to forget that just a stone’s throw from here there is the capital-city overrun with noise and automobile exhaust fumes.

Construction quality

Control of the building and business processes on the part of the Switzerland-based parent company is a guarantee that investors will get a quality accommodation in the appropriate term. Due to European-style technologies, modern design, and certified materials you can be certain of the long term of operation of the housing.


Housing program "Evropeyka" provides a whole complex of infrastructure facilities needed for a comfortable life directly at the development area. This is a real mini-town, where everything you need is near your home. You will not feel any difference in the convenience of access to objects of social and household infrastructure, education and leisure, compared to city life.


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