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103 Soborna Str., Sophiyivska Borshchahivka, Kyiv region +380 44 331-26-26

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Construction process:

2nd line

103/8 - facade work continues, executed by 95%; Installation of sewage, storm water drainage continues; Installation of window drainage is done by 90%;

103/9 - heating, water - ready from 1 to 6 floors; Lifts are mounted on 95%. Execution of facade works, executed on 70%, completed the screed from the basement on 6 floors.

103/10 (1) - facade readiness - 20%

103/10 (2) - facade readiness - 50%; Readiness of water supply, heating - 80%, installation of curtains on ventilation ducts continues.

103/10 (3) - work on the installation of the facade continues; The readiness of window drafts is 55%, installation of curtain on ventilation ducts has been completed.

3rd turn

103/11 (2) - concreting of the floor slabs of the 5th floor;

103/11 (3) - installation of the formwork of the ceiling of the 5th floor;

103/12 (1) - 5th floor laying;

103/12 (2) - the brick-laying of the 5th floor has been completed;

103/13 (1) - the laying of the 5th floor was completed, the installation of the formwork of the 5th floor was completed

103/13 (2) - concreting of the ceiling of the 4th floor is completed; The laying on the 5th floor is underway

103/14 - the laying on the 4th floor is completed;

103/15 (1) - the concreting of the ceiling of the 3rd floor was completed, and the laying of the 4th floor was started

103/15 (2) - completed the brickwork on the 4th floor. Work is under way to install the ceiling of the 4th floor

4th turn

103/19 - laying of walls of the first floor of both buildings

103/16 - the process of brick masonry of external and internal walls of the first floor of one case is carried out, installation of overhead panels of a basement of one case is made;

103/17 - installation of foundation blocks was performed, concreting of the monolithic belt of the basement floor

103/18 (1) - corner section - concreting of the foundation foundation is performed; in the second section - mounting of the foundation is carried out. Blocks

103/18 (2) - installation of the foundation has begun. Blocks

Also, work is ongoing on the installation of fencing along the road, the installation of sewage and water supply throughout the queues

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