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103 Soborna Str., Sophiyivska Borshchahivka, Kyiv region +380 44 331-26-26

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Course of construction

House 103/8 і 103/9 - the device of a roof, we finish roofing and in the course of plastering works.

House 103/10 - painting the front of the house, we carry out roofing, plastering and plumbing work.

In house 103/11 (section 1), the laying of the 5th floor ends, in section 2 of the house 103/11 the beginning of the laying of the 5th floor. On the 2 floor form interroom ceilings.

In the 3 sections of the house 103/11, the slab of the ceiling above the 4th floor.

House 103/12 in 1 and 2 sections formed formwork above the slab of the 4th floor. In the house 103/13 (section 1), the laying of the 4th floor is carried out. AT

House 103/13 (2 section) at the stage of overlapping the slab of the 3rd floor. In the house 103/14 - laying 3 floors. On the 1st floor the interior partitions are formed. House 103/15 (1 section) slab ceiling above the 2nd floor, the beginning of the masonry of 3 floors. On the first floor, internal partitions are formed. In section 2 of the house 103/15 formwork slab overlapping the 3rd floor.

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